The Operator’s Edge: Three Keys to Building Permission-based Player Databases as Privacy Rules Change 

by Joe Kustelski in March 16th, 2023

Missed the latest webinar in 'The Operator's Edge' series? Here's a quick recap of top takeaways. You can watch the replay on-demand right here.

In this month's edition of 'The Operator's Edge' webinar series, Chalkline CEO Daniel Kustelski explained how gaming marketing professionals can navigate the new regulatory environment successfully.

Check out the top takeaways from the webinar below or - better yet - watch the on-demand webinar: Three Keys to Building Permission-based Player Databases as Privacy Rules Change.

1. Start a Spark: Give Players a Great Reason to Give You Permission to Market

Permission-based marketing has been around for a while, but it’s coming back into focus as player privacy laws evolve.

As a marketer, this is a great time to create opportunities for sports fans to lean in and engage with their favorite sports and teams – through sports prediction games, for example.

Players are often happy to provide their personal and contact information in exchange for tickets, fan gear, and other unique prizes. Remember, though, that your customers are bombarded with marketing all day long, so your offer needs to be interesting enough to grab their attention.

Once you’ve hooked them with a great giveaway, it’s your turn to study the data that they’ve provided and leverage it to inform future marketing decisions.

2. Add Fuel to the Fire: Give Players What They Want

Ready to take things up a notch? Now that you know who your players are, you can start to learn more about what they like – and, in turn, craft more effective marketing messages.

An easy way to kick off this phase is by asking players a simple question: who is your favorite team?

From there, you can use this information to serve personalized prediction games and develop tailored marketing outreach that speaks to players’ interests – leading to higher engagement and retention.

By collecting this data and using it to create more touchpoints, the deeper and more valuable your customer relationships will be.

3. Focus on Loyalty: It’s at the Heart of Every Great Relationship

When your players know that they can trust you to deliver the experiences that they want, you can elevate your relationship by encouraging them to sign up for your loyalty program.

Loyalty members add incredible value to your business. Not only do they regularly and reliably spend money with you, but they can also bring friends along to do the same.

Keeping these relationships warm – especially as privacy laws change – is key to building a highly-engaged database and driving recurring revenue.

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