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Chalkline's BettorBI platform empowers you to create personalized, state-level marketing campaigns that cost-efficiently acquire and retain customers

customer analysis and monetization

As players engage with your freeplay games, Chalkline's BettorBI platform analyzes customer behavior patterns and builds predictive models for each of your target personas.

By analyzing your customers throughout their lifecycle, BettorBI helps you understand the behaviors that drive signups, bets, clicks and shares.

BettorBI then builds look-alike audiences and auto-magically delivers content to your highest value segments in real-time.

state level sports betting analytics

Retain customers and grow your database with personalization

A customer's path from signup to deposit to loyal patron is fraught with opportunities to drop off.

BettorBI collects user-level analytics and empowers you to own the micro-moments that lead to conversions at each stage, from awareness to conversion to regular bettor.


Chalkline Case Study:

How NESN built their database and increased revenue through fan engagement in just two weeks


Start making smarter, faster, more profitable decisions

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