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Chalkline BettorBI delivers clean visualizations and persona-driven data methods that inform more profitable decisions

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Make better, faster, more profitable decisions

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Intelligently monetize your audience

Chalkline automatically builds rich customer profiles that deliver your content and offers to customer segments across channels, in real time. By analyzing your audience throughout the event lifecycle, Chalkline empowers operators to understand the patterns and behaviors that drive bets, clicks and shares.

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Retain & Grow Customers through Personalization

Most operators agree: their biggest growth opportunity lies in retaining and growing your existing customers. Chalkline’s BettorBI delivers personalized punter products like BetAssist and BettorGames. The customer path from sign-up to deposit to regular customer is fraught with opportunities to drop off. BettorBI empowers you to own the most micro-moments that cost-effectively convert each step of the path from awareness to regular bettor.

Predictive Customer Modeling

Chalkline’s machine learning technology analyzes your customers’ behavior, and automatically builds models that predict future persona behaviors. More importantly, BettorBI compares your data to large data sets, builds look-alike audiences and recommends specific marketing activities for customer acquisition.

Chalkline Case Study:

How NESN build their database and revenues through fan engagement in just two weeks

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