Engaging Casual Fans of Super Bowl LVIII with 'Swiftie Bingo'

by Joe Kustelski in , February 19th, 2024

Watch the 90 Second Video on "Swiftie Bingo"

Watch the video here.

Preparing to get the Most Marketing Pop out of The Big Game

If you work in Casino Marketing or Customer Acquisition for a sportsbook, many of you are busy preparing for Super Bowl 58 between the 49ers and the Chiefs.

One of our FAVORITE things about the Super Bowl is that the event pulls in MANY casual fans for different reasons:

  • The unique commercials
  • The halftime show
  • The game on the field
  • And the overall spectacle of the most-watched TV program in America, year after year.

Taylor Swift will Drive Record Numbers of Casual Viewers

This year, many CASUAL FANS will be watching the Super Bowl with an eye on one of the most famous entertainers in the world, Taylor Swift.

SO….What better way to welcome those fans than with a freeplay game?

Welcome to “Swiftie Bingo”

From Chalkline Sports and our friends at Prairie Band Casino, we have a game for casual football fans that are passionate about Taylor Swift.

"Swiftie Bingo" engages fans who want to predict what will happen with Ms. Swift during the Big Game.

All you have to do is spell “T-A-Y-L-O-R” by predicting events that YOU think will happen during the Big Game:

  • Game MVP to Mention Taylor in post-game Speech
  • Taylor to Be Shown During the National Anthem
  • Either Team to Perform Swag Surfin' Dance as a Touchdown Celebration
  • Kelce makes the heart hands
  • Swift song plays during a commercial break intro or outro

There’s a TON of options to choose from, and in this game, we've included odds as a scoring mechanism, so there's a little game theory involved here.

What we love most: it’s a simple way to engage casual fans as you build your loyalty database.

We even have a tie-breaker that involves football:

and most importantly, once you play the game, you get an offer to learn more about the brand new beautiful sportsbook at Prairie Band Casino & Resort.

Want to Play or Learn More?

Click on the link here and play for yourself, and contact me if you’d like to learn more about how to put the Big Game to work for your property.

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