Chalkline and nQube Collaborate to Drive High-ROI Casino Sports Promotions with AI Analysis & Compelling Results

by Joe Kustelski in , April 11th, 2024

Chalkline introduces the 'Sports Fan Data Stream' for AI, CDP & CRM partners in a collaboration with Casino AI leader nQube to turn first-party player data from sports promotion into deep, actionable insights to drive high-ROI loyalty marketing.

April 11, 2024 - Nashville, TN

Adding Actionable Loyalty Marketing Insights to AI-driven Analysis

nQube, a leading AI-driven casino performance solution for casinos, has teamed with Chalkline, North America's leading free-to-play sports prediction game platform, to provide operators with measurable revenue-generating marketing tools for their sports promotions

nQube and Chalkline have already partnered on sports prediction programs, most notably Prairie Band Casino and Resort’s “Play4Fun Sports” promotions, and plan to expand the collaboration. 

Initial Analysis of Chalkline Players is 'Highly Compelling'

Two key takeaways emerged from the AI-driven analysis.

The most striking feature is that Chalkline players have MUCH higher total buy in (slots + tables) over the data period than the general players, by about 4.25x. They have higher probability of spending nothing at the casino (the big bar on the left side of the graph), but the ones that do play more than make up for these players.

Likewise, Chalkline players played about 3.65x as many sessions than the general player population. Together, this means that most of the difference is because Chalkline players just play more sessions, but they also do tend to bet a little higher per session.

Chalkline's Sports Fan Data Stream for AI, CDP & CRM Partners

Chalkline's BettorGames technology builds first-party data sets and permission-based player relationships that are critical to building loyalty databases of new players.  

Turnkey promotional programs include Daily Freeplay Parlays, Sports Bingo games, and more, and games are distributed through every engagement channel, including retail, kiosk, web, email and social media.  

nQube’s proprietary software consumes the Chalkline data stream, analyzes the Sports Fan Player data, and immediately identifies powerful player insights that unlock revenue opportunities.

Jason Fiege, CEO at nQube said: 

“Our industry is seeing immediate returns in investing in AI solutions and first-party player data that optimizes casino operations and marketing.

Our initial collaboration with Chalkline indicates tremendous value--for one client, the average Total Buy-In for sports promotion players was over four times the average player.

And, to be clear, our analysis has just scratched the surface of the value that can be unlocked for casinos engaging sports fans online and on property to drive incremental revenue.”

Daniel Kustelski, CEO & Co-founder at Chalkline said:

"nQube represents the future of casino marketing operations, and Chalkline’s first-party experienced team shares our focus on great outcomes for clients.

With their tech and tools, their team of analysts immediately uncovered insights that bridged online and offline activities.

With their insights, we immediately updated our programs to drive deeper player engagement around daily sports fan engagement with an eye towards more Conversion Clicks.  

We’re really looking forward to expanding this partnership and integrating tools and activities over the coming months."

About nQube

At nQube Data Science Inc., we are committed to creating bespoke, in-house developed, true AI and mathematical optimization techniques not found in any competing products. Our expertise lies in the intricate modeling and analysis of highly complex data sets, such as those emerging from the slot floor. We pride ourselves in creating AI that is explainable – we demonstrate the 'how' and 'why' behind our AI-driven decisions, ensuring that our clients are equipped with not only the most empowering AI-driven slot floor optimization recommendations, but also with the understanding of why those decisions were made.

To learn more, visit

About Chalkline

Chalkline uses the power of sports to build Casino Player Databases. Chalkline BettorGames™ technology delivers personalized, fully-hosted and mobile-first sports prediction games at scale. 

Top game titles include “Daily Freeplay Parlay,” “Home Run Bingo,” “Beat the Expert” and more. The company’s BettorBI™ suite analyzes user-level data that informs faster, smarter, more profitable marketing decisions. Chalkline’s growing client base includes leading casinos, sportsbooks, affiliates and media clients. 

Based in Nashville, TN, Chalkline has delivered 110,000+ unique games to 2M+ players globally. 

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