UFC LIVE Freeplay Games Punch Above Their Weight for Casino Loyalty Database Building

by Joe Kustelski in

UFC Freeplay Games are one of the simplest ways for Casinos to engage a very avid combat sport fan base and build their loyalty programs.

We've seen this in our 7 years of working with casino sports promotios: patrons over-index in their love of UFC specifically and combat sports in general.

Many casinos are already promoting UFC 303 on June 29th when Conor McGregor takes on Michael Chandler in what will likely be the biggest event in UFC history.

Many Clients Run Highly Successful Pre-Event Prediction Games

Clients like Rolling Hills casino run very successful prediction games for every UFC event.

The games are simple to play: pick the winner of the each Main Card bout and a few props on the title fights.

The Next Step for Fan Engagement: LIVE Staking Games

Clients like Three Rivers Casino and Grand Lake Casino have upped the game for UFC 302.

For their freeplay prediction games, they're offering a more immersive fan experience.

Game format: Live Staking Game:

  • Each player gets 1,000 Fan Points
  • When game goes live on Thursday: all markets open
  • Markets available for ALL Main Card bouts
  • Markets for each bout close as the bout begins
  • Bets result after each bout
  • Wallets refill and players can stake more Fan Points on the next bout

Benefits of this approach:

  • Players get an immersive, LIVE experience
  • Game play simulates a live sportsbook experience with Fan Points as currency
  • Real-time resulting and LIVE Leaderboards keep players engaged until the final bout

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