Chalkline Ad Tech Integrations for Affiliates

by Joe Kustelski in September 12th, 2023

 Integrating ad tags with Chalkline's rich first-party data set drives results for media clients that produce great gaming content and run fan engagement contests.

The Opportunity: Content + Contests + Conversions

Many of our media and affiliate clients are using ad tech to bolster their product offerings and scale their revenue opportunity in North America's growing gaming market.

Better Collective, one of our clients, recently announced record revenues, in part due to their investment in ad tech.

Chalkline games, with our rich first-party player data, integrates naturally with ad tech to deliver localized and highly personalized ads that convert.

And we're only just getting started.

Why Chalkline Integrates Ad Tech

Chalkline games are more than just making picks.

Once a player makes their picks:

* They receive a confirmation page with localized promotions.

* They get an email or SMS that confirms their picks and links them back to their My-Picks page.

* They check leaderboards.

* They check their picks to see how they're doing as results of the games they picked start flowing in.

On average, every game play results in:

* 3.5 page views

* 3:12 seconds of web or mobile engagement

* About 1.5 emails being opened

So how can we better localize and personalize that engagement for our clients?

Integrate with our client's ad tech to ensure that latest and greatest promotions for players in every state, province or jurisdiction.

The Games + Ad Tech Solution

Our goals for this product rollout:

  1. Make all non-PII player and game data available to our partner's ad tech solution. This ensures optimal localization / personalization.
  2. Ensure that ad tags don't interfere with our award-winning platform's conversion rate (players are here to play games, after all).
  3. Ensure that EVERY post-play touch point had an integrated ad tech point.


Game Lobby Page

Post-Play Confirmation Page

My Picks Page

Confirmation Email (and all Transactional Emails throughout game play)

The Results

We're still capturing data, but the initial results are terrific.

We've TRIPLED the number of conversion clicks in our pilot program, and are following up with additional product enhancements that will drive even more conversions.

What's Next

  1. Rapid rollout: We expect to see more clients rolling out their own ad tech. The more we do, the smarter the product will get.
  2. Deeper player personalization: More clients will drive even more personalized offers for players that are engaged in prediction games, based on their activity level, favorite sport, favorite team, or any other first-party data that Chalkline Games provide.
  3. Improved reporting and analytics: More data makes the system continuously smarter.

Learn More about How Chalkline Can Integrate with YOUR Ad Tech

Check out our Integrations page to see the companies Chalkline works with to drive success for our clients.

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