Create A Front Door For New Bettors At Scale

Chalkline's BettorGames platform is a cost-efficient solution for acquiring and retaining new sports betting customers

Freeplay sports betting games

Go live with free-to-play contests by next week's NFL games

Chalkline's BettorGames platform is turnkey and fully hosted, making it easy to build and launch free-to-play games directly on your site.

Games we offer include:

  • Pre-Match Predictors
  • Live In-Play Contests
  • Leaderboard Challenges
  • Head-to-Head: Challenge a Friend
  • Play a Celebrity: Compete Against Famous People
  • Streak Contests
customizable free-to-play game

Customize every part of your sports betting experience

Our content management system makes it easy to quickly adapt your brand and customize your free-to-play games offering. 

  • Bring your own brand style guides
  • Use branded promotions for upcoming contests
  • Customize logos for contest and game types

Start acquiring customers with free-to-play games


Customer analytics that are as good as the games

As you take your games to the next level, we'll take your customer insights to the next level, too

sports betting customer analytics


Intelligently monetize your audience and make better, faster, more profitable decisions. Create and automate personalized and localized campaigns.

developer platform

Developer Platform

Our APIs will get you up and running fast. Chalkline is fully integrated with major odds and betting providers, insurance, ESPs, CRMs and more.


Chalkline Case Study:

See how NESN built their database and increased revenue through fan engagement in just two weeks


Keep your players engaged and coming back for more

Chalkline's platform allows you to quickly and easily create an engaging gaming experience from start-to-finish

landing page for f2p signup

Engaging Splash Pages

free-to-play picks

Browse Popular Picks

free-to-play contest leaderboard

Built-in Leaderboards


Games for every fan and event

If it's happening, Chalkline can create a free-to-play game for it


Choose from 40+ Leagues 

  • NFL and College Football
  • NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS
  • MMA and Boxing
  • NCAA Basketball
  • Golf, NASCAR & Tennis

Any type of Game

  • Parlays/Accumulators
  • Data Capture Games
  • Live In-Play Games
  • Retail Games
  • In-Venue Games

Engage every fan

  • NFL or CFB Weekly Pick’ems
  • Playoff Challenges
  • NBA Score Pickers
  • NHL Live Score Challenges
  • MMA Fight Cards


See how free-to-play games can grow your business

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