GameChanger: Personalized Single-Game Parlays for your Players

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Fans love playing freeplay parlays on their favorite teams and Sportsbooks love Single Game Parlays. Where do they meet? Introducing GameChanger, the latest sports game innovation from Chalkline.

NHL GameChanger

Introducing GameChanger: The Basics

NBA GameChanger

It's pretty simple. All we do is:

  • Ask for a player to pick their favorite team from a list of logos.
  • Ask the player to make 5-8 picks on their favorite team: who will win? point total? QB passing yards?
  • Ask for an email address or a phone number and a few additional data fields.
  • Then click "Enter for a Chance to Win!"

Like all Chalkline games, it takes less than a minute to play, and now the player has a little bit of skin in the game for their favorite team.

Why GameChanger?

NFL GameChanger

After capturing an email address of mobile # from a player, the next most important piece of information we can know about a player: "Who is your favorite team?"

Once we know a player's favorite team, we know the keys to their heart.

We know when they'll be paying attention to a game, when they'll be likely to attend watch parties and when they'll be likely to having the best day of their week.

So, what's the best way to find out a player's favorite team? We simply ask with GameChanger.

The Results

Office Pools GameChanger
  • Fans love it: This was the #1 played game for this client with little to no promotion.
  • Super sticky: Over the first half of the season, the average GameChanger player played 10+ times. Players came back daily to play.
  • Conversion clicks: After players played, they consistently clicked on the 'next right step' links presented on the confirmation page and in confirmation emails / SMS's.

Want to set up GameChanger for your players?

If you're an existing client, we'll have this ready for your the day you request it.

We just need to know:

  • The Sport you'd like - NFL, NBA, MLS, EPL, NHL, MLB, NCAA Football, NASCAR
  • The prize size
  • That's it

If you're a new client, check out our pricing page and contact us to get set up.

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