Four Things We Learned from the Super Bowl that Can Drive ALL Big Betting Event Promotions

by Joe Kustelski in

A great game like the 2023 Super Bowl deserves great fan engagement.

Chalkline deployed 40+ Super Bowl freeplay contests for our clients.

Here's what we learned.

#1: LIVE Games Drive New Player Engagement & Acquisition

Office Pools Bets LIVE Super Bowl Challenge

Office Pools Bets ran a LIVE freeplay game, and the numbers were tremendous:

* Thousands of unique players who tuned in and played DURING the Super Bowl

* 65%+ new players

* Average of 12 live freeplay 'bets' per player

* 45% email open rate with a nearly 10% CTR

Check the final Office Pools Bets Big Game Live leaderboard here.

#2: Free-to-Play Jackpot Games Drive Casino Player Engagement

Prairie Band Big Game Challenge Super Bowl 2023

Clients like Prairie Band Casino and Three Rivers Casino had record numbers of loyalty program members AND new players.

These clients were among the dozens that offered a free-to-play Jackpot game with a $1,000,000 prize.

The concept is simple: hang a big prize out there for a big game and watch the results roll in.

Learn more about Jackpot Games here.

#3: Super Bowl Players Stuck Around The Week After the Game in Large Numbers

NCAA Hoops Challenge

Retention is a critical measuring stick here at Chalkline.

The NFL is done for the season, but sports fans love the NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Golf and UFC.

Rolling Hills NHL Challenge

The Super Bowl got their attention and new freeplay games kept players engaged after the Chiefs took home the trophy.

Rolling Hills Daytona 500 Challenge

Over 60% of the players that played in the Super Bowl Big Game Challenges for our clients played a game the following week...and most will continue to play along with us.

#4: Big Event Notifications Drive Massive Opens and Clicks

Super Bowl 2023 Results

The week of Super Bowl Marketing came through with huge numbers.

(We send out 2,000,000 emails a month for our clients, so we know email fairly well, FWIW.)

Open rates: 30-40%

Click-through rates: 5-15%

Simply put: players respond to Big Game emails and SMS.

BONUS Tactics We Loved from the Big Game + Our Clients

Many clients offered their team/staff a freeplay game with real prizes. Love this educational approach for team members that are learning about sports promotions.

Many clients ran 'Play the Influencer' games. Keep your players engaged with the influencers they follow and love.

Great creative works. We keep promotional assets fresh for our clients. Working with Chalkline is easy!

Fortune Bay Big Game Challenge

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