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Build Your Player Database & Loyalty Program with Simple Free-to-Play Jackpot Sports Promotions

Bring the biggest games with the biggest prizes to your customers with JACKPOT free-to-play contests for your players.

Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, March Madness or even your local NFL team's playoff game.

Our simple, low, per-entry pricing is based on prize size, and you can pick a prize size from $10,000 to $1,000,000.

Are you having a March Madness Watch Party?

Want to give away a $100,000 prize with a promotion that fits in your budget?


If you're already a Chalkline client, we can have you set up in minutes, and we have simple pricing for every major sporting event.

All you have to do pick your next Big Event, pick the prize size, and confirm pricing.

We'll make it quick and's what we do!

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