Five Wins for Player Engagement in 2023 and Five New Features for 2024

by Joe Kustelski in

2023 was a massive year for Chalkline, and the coming year looks even brighter for building loyalty databases and delighting fans with sports games they love.

Watch a 2 minute video recap here.

Our Top 5 Wins in 2023...

2023: 5. SIMPLE Integrations Drove Outsized # of App Sessions

2023: 4. A NEW “Always On” Mix of Games Players Love

2023: 3. Real-Time Player Analytics that Drive Higher Marketing ROI

2023: 2. Big additions to our Partner Network

2023: 1. Big Game Design Upgrades

Our Top 5 Reasons to Love 2024

2024: 1. More Exciting Design Updates Coming Monthly

2024: 2. Sports Bingo!

2024: 3. More Loyalty Engagement Games

2024: 4. Expanded Jackpot Games Calendar

2024: 5. Driving More Results

If you'd like to learn more about how Chalkline can build YOUR loyalty database, set up a time to talk here.

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