Chalkline Co-Founders Discuss Sports Betting Customer Acquisition with DataArt 

by Joe Kustelski in March 19th, 2021

Chalkline Co-Founders Joe Kustelski and Daniel Kustelski recently joined DataArt to discuss customer acquisition tactics for sports betting operators. Here's a quick recap of top takeaways. You can watch the replay on-demand right here.

As competition continues to increase in the sports betting industry, operators are seeking out new ways to acquire and engage players.

This week, DataArt invited Chalkline Co-Founders Joe Kustelski and Daniel Kustelski to talk about the customer acquisition tools and strategies that sportsbooks and casinos are using to attract new bettors to their platforms.

Watch the on-demand event: DataArt Sports Betting Conversations: Episode 2. Sports Betting Customer Acquisition.

The Current State of Sports Betting Customer Acquisition

It's a challenging and exciting time for betting operators in the US, as individual states continue to legalize gaming and sports betting.

There's a push to attract customers in each state, forcing operators to take a state-by-state approach to customer acquisition, incorporating localization and personalization into their marketing strategies.

As soon as a state legalizes, those first few cohorts of players are incredibly valuable for these books -- and there's enormous competition to land them, said Daniel.

Understanding What Motivates and Appeals to Players

In such a new industry, there's a massive opportunity to capture new players

It's time to get creative and implement a strategy that incorporates technology, digital marketing, and data to see profitable returns.

Even if you're a land-based casino with a solid player base, you still need to have a strategy in place to attract those customers to your sportsbook.

If you're an online operator or a newcomer in the industry, it's an even more challenging task. 

To make those connections, you need to think about what will resonate with potential players.

For example, you can team up with national or local influencers that already have your audience's attention. 

Or you can take a two-screen approach by advertising during games, with the goal of driving viewers to engage with you on mobile while they're watching the live game.

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